Christmas feeling

Yes its really here, that festive feeling that has suddenly started to grip me over the last week or so. The end of term signifies not only the start of the Christmas vacation from univeristy but also the chance for me to enjoy all the little bits of Christmas that have suddenly started to spring up all over the place.

It would also appear that the festive spirit has had a notable impact on my ability to rattle off blogs. I’ve had quite possibly my largest break from it ever (apart from holidays where I’ve been abroad) so apologies to all who have been checking my site expectantly. I’ve had a couple of topics in mind to talk about and will be publishing them all this afternoon. The break has been nice but I’ve missed writing and I’m glad to be getting back to it.

While I haven’t been blogging of late I haven’t been idle, far from it. Saturday after the end of term I went into York with Heather and we did some sightseeing and a little shopping. We had tea in little Betty’s and wandered around the town which included looking in an interesting little shop called the Cat Gallery. Its quite amusing really as its full of products designed specifically for cats, and some are just ridiculous – take the £300 cat bed for example or perhaps the pottery cats that give you a fright everytime you set eyes on them. Some of those things really do belong in the shop I can tell you, anyone buying them needs their head testing.

In addition to random wanderings we took a trip up the minster to look out over York and nearly got blown off our feet once we were up there. Once we had completed our descent we headed back towards the centre of town but stumbled accross a lovely street market that I had forgotten they hosted there every year. There was mulled wine for sale, Christmas carols and some wonderful ice sculptures, my favorite of which I took a photo and show it below this posting.

After my return from York it was nose to the grindstone for the final push to get my coursework finished, and then the slight disaster detailed in an earlier blog about making my way home.

Despite all of the things that have been going on though its all been very festive. We’ve had quite a cold snap here in St. Albans and there are Christmas lights and trees all over the place, it really has a strong leaning towards the traditional Christmas – just the way I like it.

Penguin Ice Sculpture


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