Heather’s birthday trip to York

On 25th November Heather organised a day out in York for a group of friends to celebrate her birthday. It was a really big day to plan but everything worked out really well.

We did a number of really cool things. Firstly after meeting up with everyone at York station we made our way to the Shambles where we got a Victorian photograph taken of the group. This involved dressing up in traditional clothing, posing in front of a typically York background (the Minster Cathedral) and attempting to look as serious as possible. It wasn’t all that clear after it had been taken that it would come out so well but after it had been processed into black and white with that traditional Victorian look we were all very impressed with it.

Heather having coffeeAfter the photograph we had what became known as “free time” where the group slip up and spent a little bit of time exploring York. We took this opportunity to go and grab a coffee and talk about Christmas type things which were really nicely displayed in the various shop windows. We’d hoped to get into Betty’s but the queue was round the corner so we had to settle for Starbucks. The whole free time thing was quite amusing because for about a week before the trip I had been joking with Heather about how this term made it seem like we were organising a school outing. It turned out to be not far from the truth when we had to make a few phone calls to find out if people knew how to get to the restaurant and when we did a sort of head count outside, lol

Kieran and HeatherFor dinner we met up with the group again at The Slug and Lettuce which while a fairly generic place to eat turned out to be a really cool part of the day and a good opportunity to chat to everyone and get to know some of Heathers friends a little better. A little time was spent taking photos of each other and Heather unwrapping her presents from friends which was quite amusing because it involved Heather having to explain to me just exactly what the pig feat was! The food wasn’t half bad too with Heather and myself sharing a large duck platter with pancakes and plum sauce. Mmmm, tasty. After a slightly rushed desert we left to make sure we were in time for the ghost walk

Heather and the ghost hunterThe shambles ghost walk is famed amongst York students as being the best in the city and this time we weren’t disappointed. The guy who does the ghost walk is in fact the photographer at the shop past images, where we got the Victorian shot done. As a result of this he knew it was Heather’s birthday and proceeded to put he on the spot a number of times throughout the evening which was really rather amusing. What was so cool is that no one realised right until the very end of the walk who the guy was and how he knew it was Heathers birthday. The point of realisation was when the photo on the left was taken. Click it for a larger copy. Whats so good about the shambles ghost walk is the way the stories are told and how the audience are invited to participate – its one of the best things to do after a day in York, I’d highly recommend it.

Heather in Evil EyeAfter the ghost walk we headed to the Evil eye cocktail bar, not only the best in York but in my humble opinion one of the best in the country. The atmosphere is completely unique and the furnishings very quirky. Its always a good way to end a day. This time around they were serving mulled wine as well as the usual cocktail menu which was a nice Christmas touch. We ended up drinking down a fair few interesting combinations and taking some of the funniest photos of the day.

All in all everybody had a great day out and it was really great to meet some of Heather’s friends from back home. York is a seriously cool place and I can see us making many more day trips there in the future simply because a day is never long enough to explore everything there is to offer. I lived there for over 2 years and still don’t feel I’ve seen everything there is that is worth seeing.

A large number of photos were taken during the day out and you can see a large number of these in the photo gallery of the day. More will be added as they get sent to me. If you took photos of the day send them to me in high quality and I will add them to the gallery. Below is a small copy of the superb Victorian photo we had done. If you click on it you will be taken to a full size scan of the original photo.

Victorian Photograph Thumbnail

NB: This photograph is only to be hosted here. If you want to tell your friends please link them to this post. If you wish to use this photo yourself or upload it anywhere else please ask myself or Heather for permission.


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