It has been noted over the last few weeks that I haven’t been taking my camera out too much and posting to my gallery. I will hopefully be resuming full picture services soon and taking more pictures of places I go to and things I go to see. My main issue has been the fact that by modern standards my digital camera is quite bulky and so it hasn’t seen as much of the city of Leeds as it might have done. Still, I have a fairly strong yearning now to get back to photography so hopefully things will start to look up.

In other photography news I’ve recently seen a number of good offers on digital SLR cameras and have been considering buying one, after all I’ve had mine for a while and combined with a tripod, a few lenses and a filter or two my light effects photographs could go so much more smoothly. If anyone has any digital SLR recommenedations please feel free to leave them in comments 🙂


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