You must be evil

While coding today I’ve been listening to Chris Rea a fair bit, some great music it really is. One song in particular caught my ear for the message in its lyrics so I thought I’d share them with you here. Discussion is of course, as usual, most welcome in the comments

I come home from work
I see my little girl
Shes crying on the floor
Shes been watching that tv
This aint late no, this aint even dinner time
To show them things on that screen
Whats wrong with you

You must be evil

Oh I know why you do it
Youre just looking for sensation
You got a hold of something
You tell us that its news
You dont have to show that stuff
Cant you show us some respect
You can tell us we dont need to see it
We dont need those cheap effects

You must be evil
You must be evil
I wish you were here

You dont have to show that stuff
You aint fooling no-one
You made my little girl cry
I wish you were here
We all know why you do it
Sometimes you even slow it down
Youre giving out some bad ideas here
I cant believe that you dont realise

You must be evil


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1 Comment

  1. Paul Said,

    November 8, 2006 @ 5:17 pm

    How true those words are. Channels these days try to push the boundary in respect of the watershed and even some of the adverts for programmes that come on early are not suitable for younger viewers.

    I also think that most definitely the same, if not more could be said about Radio. The swearing, rude comments etc that you hear on some breakfast shows is appalling. OK if I didn’t have 3 young children I probably wouldn’t even think about it, but I think those lyrics have hit that nail right on the head!

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