ModernBill Problems

Right I’m sure many of you don’t even know what modernbill is, but for those that do I’m going to have a little moan about what really should be working in a stable production environment copy of their latest v5.1 release but infuriatingly isn’t

  • Importing of TLDs from eNom reseller account – you have to enter every TLD manually at the moment, a total nightmare when there is over 40 to do.
  • Disable credit card forms – for sellers who don’t take credit cards and set their admin panel as such still have their clients presented with the ability to pay by and store details of a credit card in the client area. Totally stupid.
  • Paypal links to settle outstanding invoices are not included in the client area or on reminder e-mails so customers can’t complete their payments. Sellers go without being payed and clients run up a debt while we wait for modernbill to fix the issue. Doing business is like getting blood out of a stone with this problem.
  • Disabling of the FAQ – I have my own FAQ, why can’t I stop the empty one modernbill provides from coming up in the client area?
  • Helpdesk integration – v4 handled Intellodesk fine, why can’t v5 do the same instead of just spitting out some message about settings not being available?
  • Documentation. I don’t think I’ve ever seen documentation for such a large released piece of software being so scarce. If you are lucky enough to find something in there that even mentions what you are trying to do you can be rest assured that it doesn’t go into enough detail about it to actually be of any use.
  • Developers refuse to accept that the above (and other issues) are not acceptable in a stable release of the application

So there you have it – a total disaster. As someone said on the modernbill forums, I feel like an alpha tester here, call this a release version? *sheesh*


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  1. Paul Said,

    November 8, 2006 @ 5:08 pm

    Hmmm kinda makes me glad I went with phpcoin, although that also has problems but I can live with them until version 2 comes out. Then I’ve no doubt all hell will break lose.

    As we’ve said before, these programmes are OK for those who understand code, but by the sounds of it, I’d be really struggling had I opted for ModernBill.

    It is kinda strange though that they would release a version that obviously has many flaws to it. The irony is, you’ve had to pay for it which is even worse and something that I will look forward with phpcoin (V2 will be chargeable)

    Who said this hosting lark was easy eh? Not me that’s for sure.

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