Last night was really cool, I hadn’t been to a bonfire or fireworks night in a number of years but this year I went to Hyde Park with Heather, her house mates, some of their friends and met up with Claire, Chris and Phil when we got there, to see a great fireworks display and one of the largest bonfires I have ever seen.

There is something so nice about watching such a large fire burn. For a start it was a freezing night and yet even at the distance we were standing it was really warming. Also its hypnotic, really hypnotic. Stare at it for long enough and you start to see shapes, faces and all sorts in the flames, dark becomes light, and the flames do literally dance. It really is magic, reminding me of the last time I sat in front of an open fire at Christmas in the dark with only the fire lighting up the room. I got a picture to indicate the size of the fire in the park, although it doesn’t give you any idea about the heat!

Hyde Park Bonfire

After the fireworks we went back to Heathers house to chat and to have drinks and pancakes, very nice pancakes in fact. Its always the simple (and often tasty) things that make life great 🙂


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