Coursework Overload

It really has been hectic these last few days, with my only real break being seeing John Mayall & The Blues Breakers live in Manchester on Wednesday night. Today though the end is finally here, at least for a few days. This morning I handed in my SE20 coursework, all 15 or so diagrams along with over 1000 words of explanatory text, not to mention various use case description sheets along the way.

While I got down to the research fairly quickly and did the desk work etc. shortly afterwards I stalled somewhat on the actual report and diagrams because I preferred to tinker with other courseworks and various bits of code lying about. It turns out that I had to put in quite a concerted effort towards the end before the dealine to make sure I got all the required pieces of work completed according to the coursework specification, but this I seem to have managed fairly well although I guess you never know until you get the marks back.

This UML lark is the only bit of computing so far that has actually made me nervous. I can safely say that all other work to date I have felt confident about knowing that if I read around the module and attend lectures the courseworks will be straight foreward to do if not an occasional enjoyable challenge. I say nervous because my mind doesn’t seem to work in the way that UML is designed; I start thinking about tables in the database before I have thought about how the manager likes his reports, and I tend to think of things in a much more linear fashion contruary to popular belief that the average person considers things in an object orientated way.

I can see this is something I am going to have to get used to and practice what with the skills being required in both the January exams and SE24 next semester, but still, its not the most enjoyable aspect of computing I’ve laid my hands on thats for sure.

The only consolation in all of this seems to be that I’m not the only bewildered one and so at least I’ll be amongst friends who can discuss and iron out issues not to mention of course cause the mark boundaries to reflect the overall atainment of the yeargroup, which should mean none of us are hard done by.


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  1. Niall Said,

    November 4, 2006 @ 5:45 pm

    I hate UML! It’s awful, though occasionally could be potentially useful.


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