Joy of Autumn

This morning as I walked into uni I was struck by how much into autumn we really are and how wonderful the scenary can be at this time of year. The sun bathed the pavement with multicoloured light from the turning trees above as I scuffed my way through an ankle deep covering of darker leaves that had already fallen. For a brief few moments I was back in Verulamium park as a 6 year old kicking leaves high into the air as I watched them fall down around me, then as that memory faded another took its place where I was in the back of the car as a child of 12 watching the colours on the trees whizz past above me as we made our way along the bala pass on route to Nefyn in North Wales. Happy days for sure.

Theres just something about autumn this year that makes me sit back in my seat, appreciate whats around me and smile as I realise its really been a great year so far, that and to have mild weather and sunshine in the morning when its nearly November is almost too good to be true and long may it all continue 🙂


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