SoC Gossip unleashed

Leeds SoC now has a student blog in the form of SoC Gossip. This is a special site setup by myself with the assistance of a few school of computing friends to allow what will eventually be a fair number of committed students to post blogs in the one place, and even syndicate certain posts from their own blogs onto the central one.

The exact aim of the site is a little bit of a grey area. Initially it was supposed to be a place just for gossip about people we knew, but as the notion of this is rather closed minded and possibly even a little immature (*ducks for cover from Chris and Sarann*), it has been given a much broader scope in which anything to do with the school of computing, be it gossip about the students in it, how how well a compsoc event went or interesting comments about module content is welcome.

We don’t exactly know how well this is going to do yet, how many people will read it, and how many people will post to it etc. but hopefully people will find it a fun place to read about what the students here at Leeds SoC get up to.


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