Paper blogging

Ok, so today in my business lecture we focused on the importance of communication and understanding the role of personalities in the workplace. In the seminar afterwards we had to do a little activity aimed at allowing us to discover the roots of some of our personal traits and preferences; essentially what fundamental things cause us to act and respond in a certain way in given situations.

Get to the point I hear you say! Well, the point is that to do this we were asked to write a short story about something we did yesterday which we would then pull apart and analyse to achieve the above. I found myself sitting there with pen over paper wondering what on earth I could write. Then I suddenly realised that this was extremely odd; I blog and never have any trouble coming up with content or writing about things I have done so why then when asked to essentially write a paper blog entry was I unable to think of a single word? It would appear that writing in the same style of an electronic blog but on a piece of paper is actually much harder than its computer counterpart.

I’m not going to spend ages dwelling on possible reasons but if anyone has any ideas I’d be interested hear about them 🙂


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