Marriage in twenties

Recently I’ve had a few discussions with friends which have had a leaning towards life and decision making, future plans etc. It was with interest then that this morning in my BBC news feed I saw an article on a statistical survey that seems to indicate that despite what main stream media seem to indicate, people do actually want to get married and settle down earlier. You can read the article here.

I find this interesting because every day we are seeing peoples lives changing focus. Once the focus was on settling down, starting a family and finding stability in your life, now that focus has very much shifted onto further study, career prospects and other such bits and pieces. The reason I found the article interesting though is not because we might be getting a leaning one way or the other as a society, or indeed because I want to blow a trumpet one way or the other but its that despite what we are told by media, careers advisors, financial advisors and even our teachers when we leave school, people still have and idea in their own head about what they want, and are holding onto it and looking to achieve it.

Speaking to students on a university campus, even those of us who have been there are while, reveals little information on what their aspirations are when it comes to their personal life and yet, it would certainly seem anyway, most have given it some quite serious thought. So when a student tells you they don’t want to settle down yet, it might just be because they can’t see themselves meeting the right person yet, not because they actually don’t want to. Obviously you will find some exceptions to the rule, but in a world where the career focus amongst the young is increasingly strong its certainly food for thought anyway. It seems it might be time for those folk who are saying that the young aren’t grounded and have a fear of commitment to try thinking again.


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