Day in York

Following on from a previous day out in Keighly & Skipton it was high time I had another day out and seeing as Claire had never been to York before, York it was. We met up for late lunch (mainly because I was still sleeping the previous nights alcohol off at midday, but there we go) and then hopped on the train to York. Not wishing to get stuch there on a Sunday night we also had the foresight to have the staff at York print us off a timetable of the last trains to Leeds when we arrived so we could make sure to be on one of them.

Despite earlier weather in the day and indeed the previous night (I don’t think I’ve ever been so soaked) it had really brightened up and it was pleasent to once again be walking in the streets of York. Firsly we took a trip to the minster and arrived in the middle of a service which was wonderful as the sound of the choir singing floated up into the rafters causing me to relive my choirister days all over again and also served to surprise Claire that I’d ever been in a choir, ah well not everyone knows everything about me 😉

After admiring the cathedral we hopped up onto the city walls and discussed fighting techniques using arrow slits and battlements and what a tough time some poor invading soldier might have against the mighty walls of York. As if by perfect contrast I managed to capture a shot of a butterfly drying off on the walls in the sun. It came out rather well too. At a convenient point on the wall walk we headed back into town and up the shambles where I ended up explaining how the overhang on the old buildings didn’t cause them to fall down, and took a picture to show the extreme of some of the angles. As we reached the top of the shambles sweets becacame the importent topic of conversation as pressing our noses to the little treasures sweet shop we rememberd buying just such sweets as kids; rubarb and custard never tasted so good.

Next stop then Betty’s tea room where we had some tasty deserts (we hadn’t eaten lunch all that long ago) and some wonderful china rose tea which was really refreshing. We set the world to rights over the course of our time there (got to love it when you do that) and were also lucky enough to be able to take in the sounds of a live pianist too. I was eyeing up the event listings too, noticing the evenings of live jazz they had planned and the tasty set menus. At over £40 a head though it might well have to be given a miss!

We finished up the day in the evil eye cocktail bar and due to it being Sunday, easily found a seat. Going back there reminded me what an awesome place it really is, I mean what other cocktail bar do you know that has four poster beds you can sit on and chat with a group. Marvellous drinks too. Due to needing an early start and not wanting to drink too much two nights in a row we headed home but with firm resolve to get more people in the group to come to York, if only for the wonders that is evil eye!

Butterfly on York walls

Arrow slits on the walls

Shambles building overhangs


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