Getting arty

It seems that lately I have been doing a lot of arty things. Yesterday was an addition to an already growing list in this respect when Claire enlisted my help to set up a charity art auction in the union refectory building where nearly 100 individual pieces needed to be put on display with tags and also up on boards that needed to be assembled. As the boards were considerably taller than me this did provide some amusement on occasion (thanks to Claire and Michelle for the short-ass comments ;))!

While initially I managed to drag along some helpful computing folks (many thanks for the assistance people!) I ended up helping to finish it off on my own. It took nearly 4 hours to sort it all out considering we started at 3 and left the hall at around 7.

We made up for it though by going to a superb little traditional restaurant serving North African cuisine in authentic surroundings. Not having tried this type of food before I was somewhat intrigued by the menu, but Claire seeming somewhat of an expert in these matters, soon told me what was what and taking her advice caused me to end up with a superb lamb dish with lots of great sauces and dips. They also did fantastic honey and mint tea, and I must say its got to be the best tea I have ever tasted. We were soon full of food and just chilling out on the comfy seats they’ve got in there and drinking tea, was a really good break from shifting boards around.

I suddenly realised once again how important it is to just chill out at the end of a long day and just let your mind unwind, really makes you feel a whole lot better and that little restaurant (situated on the road running between Hyde Park and the houses down the hill) has to be one of the best places to do this in Leeds I have found or been taken to, to date.


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  1. Paul Said,

    September 27, 2006 @ 11:01 pm

    Chill Out eh………….I think I remember those days. Doing 2 jobs in the day, then coming home to 2 kids that wont sleep, a dog that wont sleep and then this design/hosting business as well.

    Oh to chill out…………maybe one day. Hang on I’ll rephrase that…….Sleeeeep I remember that as well, just!

    Make the most of it and more importantly..Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

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