Out with CompSoc

On Friday the School of Computing had their induction week party. A gathering in the School where the freshers could come along, get free food and drink and chat with each other, 2nd and 3rd years, and members of staff. It was a fun affair and a number of non-computing folk we know came along as well.

Tony Jenkins ordered in several kegs of ale and we got rather merry sampling it all. Tony himself had a tankard which he kept getting refilled, it was a good laugh and made me wish I’d brought my own pewter tankard along as well.

After the gathering folk from CompSoc got a group of people together and headed off into town. We went round a fair few bars in town, accumulating drinks and losing freshers. It was just one of those comic moments when every change of bar would see us lose some people; either through going home due to drunkenness or sticking around in the bar we were leaving because they liked it.

Drew had some classic drunken moments, the best one being where he played a stripy ball in a game of pool thinking it was the white. The look on his face when I pointed out what he had done was priceless 😀

I’m rather proud of the fact that I was the last member of CompSoc to go home, in fact I only went home when the last few folk decided to call it a night. The bar we ended up in last was Bourbon, huge thanks to Nicci for pointing out its existance as we were trying to find another place to go. Its free entry all night and you can always find a seat. I will most certainly be going back there at somepoint.

All in all it was a fab night and I’m so looking forward to the coming year and socialising with all the new people I have met over the course of the week. It’s going to be an awesome year in the computing 🙂


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