Jazz society at Leeds

Something I noticed quite distinctly last academic year here at the university of Leeds was the lack of a jazz and blues society of any description. I resolved to do something about this but until recently hadn’t managed to set the ball rolling.

Today was an important mile-stone to seriously making good jazz and blues connections a reality on camus though when I met a jazz enthusiast by the name of Andy who had spoken to a number of music based societies in the societies fair and found that a lot of people had been asking about a jazz and or blues society of some description. After having a lengthy discussion about the wonders of jazz exploration with Andy it certainly seems like we should be able to pull something together in the not too distant future.

Combine this with the fact that a friend of Sheena’s also seems to be up for helping to start a jazz and blues society, things are looking up in a big way. A website will be going up this weekend and I’m going to try and get some plans of some description finalised. We will need 20 initial members to get the society off the ground, so once I publish a link to the new website I would appreciate it if you could e-mail it to any of your friends at Leeds who you think might be into jazz so we can get jazz and blues in Leeds off to a flying start!


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