Art installation & day out

As a few noticed in my calendar I went to an art exhibition yesterday, while not far from Bradford it was in fact located in the Castle Museum in Keighley. We took the train out to the town and due to a slighly late arrival at the station on our part proceeded almost straight away to the exhibition, although not too quickly that we couldn’t pose for photos in front of a genuine steam train at Keighly station and grab a bite to eat.

The art installation was a piece by Shaeron Caton-Rose called Mirror on the theme of mermaids and their failed wish for happiness. It centred on the story of the little mermaid and how she changed herself to be something she wasn’t believing it would make her happy when in fact it brought her nothing but pain. The theme is very apt when considered in the context of modern society where we are continuoulsy made to feel like we should be a different person. You can read a description and explanation from the artist on her website as well as a couple of photos. I took a few of my own too and you can see those here.

It’s quite strange how much the piece draws you in. On the face of it you would think you could see it in about 5 minutes and that would be it, but the more you look at it, the more you see right there in front of you. Before long we were telling each other what we thought we could deduce from the work, and analysing the plays on the light and how it made you feel. It was a visually stunning piece and certainly brought out feelings and ideas in your mind you wouldn’t have expected. I’m not going to encourage you to go and see it because it is a bit out of the way, but for me it was really worth it and the fact we were there for nearly two hours without even noticing the time speaks volumes.

After the exhibition we took a quick look round the museum where the installation is located and marvelled at some ancient techniques of making pottery as well as some superb stained glass windows and descriptions of their design and restoration. In fact we ended up staying so long that we nearly got locked in at closing time!

We decided that as we had a day rider on the Skipton bus route that we would head out there, have a look around and get the train back to Leeds from the station there. We ended up taking a lovely walk along the canal in Skipton and taking in some of the views. We came accross a traditional old manually operated swing road bridge to allow boats to pass through the canal where the road was too low, and while I was explaining how it worked we struck upon the idea of a canal holiday for a group of us. We figured we would discuss nearer holiday time, but what with the canal right through Leeds it seemed an great idea.

Time was getting on so we stopped for a meal in the town and had quite possibly the best chinese food I’ve ever tasted. The portions were huge, the service was great and the prices were very reasonable. If you ever find yourself in the Skipton area, the chinese restaurant on the station road is the one to go to.

Enjoying our meal unfortunately meant we missed our train back to Leeds and so had to get a taxi, which wasn’t so bad between the 3 of us, but certainly didn’t come as cheap as the train would have done! It didn’t spoil the day out though and we all agreed it had been superb fun. Claire and I resolved to go walking and on similar days out more regularly as living in Leeds can sometimes make you forget how much fun getting out of the city really can be.


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  1. Niall Said,

    September 19, 2006 @ 2:24 am

    That’s Cliffe Castle Museum…I think you’ll find…not that I lived there for 16 years or anything….

    Glad you enjoyed the delights of the KWVR it’s a good day out. I’ve not been on it for years!

    Yes the swing bridge at Snaygill across the Leeds-Liverpool is quite fun. Did you take a trip on a narrowboat?

  2. Kieran Said,

    September 22, 2006 @ 12:55 am

    Indeed, that is the museum in question.

    We didn’t take a trip on a narrowboat although its certainly something we are considering at some point in the future.

    It’s cool to find you know about all the places I went to; I must say it did feel like I was just wandering my way through the day without really knowing what I was doing, but it was still great fun 🙂

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