Owen loses blog

One of the key developers of WordPress has lost his blog due to a catastrophic RAID array failure. Owen Winkler, author of Asymptomatic has posted a temporary message saying that all his blog postings have been lost because his backups were stored on the same array. You can read about the specifics on his temporary home page. Its sad to see someone lose precious content, especially a blog because they do almost become a part of you as an individual, but even more sad to see someone losing a blog because their backups were not on an entirely separate system.

I can’t stress this enough folks; if you have content you don’t want to lose, make sure you have at least one backup on a machine or medium that has nothing what-so-ever to do with the machine that normally holds the content, preferably in a different location. If you run your own site and use cPanel, please use my backup utility. It’s quick, painless, automated and FREE. It will also mean pain is restricted to just a few hours downtime in the event of catastrophic server failure. It sounds so simple, but people just don’t think until it happens to them.


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