Facebook time errors

Ok, so I raved about the wonderful feature on facebook that allowed you to syndicate your blog into “note” form over on their site not so long ago. I have found a problem with this though; it time-stamps each syndicated note with the time at which it was syndicated not the time in the RSS feed and if you made more than one posting since it last checked the feed then it assumes they were made at the same time and makes you look like some kind of typing freak for managing to rattle out 1000 odd words in under 30 seconds.

The question I have is why do I take the trouble to provide fully time-stamped RSS feeds if facebook’s feed parser is just going to ignore them? I don’t send these packets to people for nothing you know. Seriously, a little reminder to all developers of great features out there; just because you wrote it, doesn’t mean you can re-write the standards of the systems you rely on for your idea. If your idea uses times and the feed you are parsing provides times then read those times. If I wanted you to ignore the times of my postings then I wouldn’t be sending them to you on the feed now would I *sigh*


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