Royal Armouries

Despite having lived at Clarence dock for 6 months right next to the Royal Armouries museum and having it on reasonable authority that it was a good place to visit, I hadn’t done so. Until yesterday that is.

As Hannah was staying I figured that a day our was called for in addition to have a modge around town and going to see where I used to live just a few months back, we popped into the museum. It’s a superb place with an amazing collection of warfare related items. Their collection of guns is particularly impressive with everything from the earliest weapons right through to WW2 heavy machine guns. One guy remarked to me that this was the largest and most impressive collection of guns he had ever seen and I’m very much inclined to agree with him. The armour and swords are also amazing to browse around, the size and brutality of some weapons making you flinch even just looking at them on display.

As with many museums we didn’t go round the whole thing, we couldn’t, it would have taken a good couple of days, but it is certainly worth visiting if you live in Leeds, and if you find yourself spending a day in Leeds from one of the surrounding towns and cities, be sure to spend an hour or two of your time at the Royal Armouries.


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  1. Niall Said,

    September 7, 2006 @ 4:50 pm

    Well I’ve lived in close reach of Leed for 16 years, and I’ve still not been to the Royal Armouries. (Not that it’s been open that long…but still).

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