Up the minster

Yesterday I took another jaunt into York with Hannah, this time to meet up with James Flinders and a few other friends and we climbed up the Minster cathedral central tower. Amazingly it was the first time I had ever done this despite having been in York for over two years as a student. It was amazing what views you could see and how much of the city and surrounding areas I could recognise from the height. Hannah found it quite useful in seeing where all the streets were and I, as usual, got some fairly good photos.

After treking it up the minster we went to Betty’s tea rooms. This is another “must do” for all who visit York, but an added bonus for me was that I got to meet up with Alannah who I hadn’t seen in ages, over a year in fact! The great thing was it was like I had never left and we enjoyed chatting about everything and anything as we used to do in on a regular basis. We promised to keep in touch better which should be really good if we manage what with the busy lives we both lead.

The great thing about the day really though was the benefit it gave to Hannah. It seemed that meeting people still studying at York with different views, opinions and favorite things to me really cemented her wish and keen-ness to study at York and her confidence she would meet loads of great people and have an awesome time. This is brilliant and is certainly the best way to be approaching going to uni.

To finish the day off with icing on the cake as it were I caught a glimpse of an absolutely wonderful sunset over the river Ouse on our way back to the station. It was so beautiful that I’ve had to post it here rather than just leaving it in the gallery of the outing. A great and to a great day 🙂

Sunset over the River Ouse in York


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  1. Niall Said,

    September 7, 2006 @ 4:48 pm

    I know I always do! Betty’s is ace.

    Mmm good tea.

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