York campus tour

I got a large dose of nostalgia today as I gave Hannah a tour of York university campus. It seems like only yesterday that I frequented its walkways and bars and sat by the lake in contemplation about something or other. In the course of the day we inevitably ended up in Halifax College and sat on a bench in Lindley court; those who know the college will know it well. It seemed so strange to be somewhere I was such an integral part of and yet now am simply yet another unknown outsider to.

One thing I did realise is that I had a really awsome time there and met some really superb people, and that if it wasn’t for a few unfortunate (and with hind-sight inevitable) issues it would have been about the most perfect time at university you could have asked for.

Being older and wiser now than when I first set foot in the city of York however makes me realise that I did need to experience the big changes between York and Leeds university. It opened my eyes that the world isn’t just a sunlit walk around a old and forever firm-standing path; that in fact sometimes there are gaps and you wander off of it. Not only that but you can also be oblivious to your own destiny if you don’t take a step back from it all. It’s only by finding yourself a long way from the path or without a path at all that you learn what life is really all about.

York showed me the path but Leeds helped me to get back on it again when I’d lost my way.


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