Dan and Rie’s wedding

I’m back from Farnham after having been to Dan and Rie’s wedding. It was a lovely occasion; the service was perfect, the weather held for the photos outside and the speeches at the reception were great fun. Some of the best moments included Dan deciding not to tell the minister how to pronounce Du Preez for fear it would sound worse than if he didn’t know how to say it at all, and the two best men explaining somewhat tounge in cheek how Dan couldn’t find a best man and so had to settle for two below average men instead. I also got the chance to chat to a load of Dan and Rie’s friends and of course members of their family which was really enjoyable.

My pictures weren’t as good as they might have been because I didn’t want to blind people with the flash too much (there were lots of cameras going off), and the official photographers needed the best positions outside the church for when Dan and Rie came outside, but I still managed to get a few good shots. You can see them here

It just leaves me to congratulate Dan and Rie on their marriage and wish them all the best for their future together. Feel free to add your congratulations as comments.


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