Meal with family

I went out this evening for a meal with my family. I say a meal – it was only pizza express – but it was an evening out none the less. I bother to mention it in my blog because it marked the beginning to quite an interesting situation. This being Hannah and myself both being away at university and my parents having the house completely to themselves for most of the time.

This hasn’t happened in over 21 years (yeah, yeah, my fault I hear you all cry but Hannah has caused it to continue for the last 3 years rather than me ;)) so I guess it is quite a unique occasion. Not only that but it means that the norm will no longer be an evening family meal with at least Hannah (and sometimes me when I’m down South) present, but in fact just my parents. It was for this reason we went out because with me going to Leeds soon and Hannah to York a simple family meal with all four of us will become a rarity rather than normality. I can’t say I’ve really given it much thought until tonight, but I guess for my parents this really is the end of an era.


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  1. Paul Said,

    August 31, 2006 @ 11:10 am

    I think that once your parent’s get over tha fact that both of their ‘babies’ are out doing their own thing, seeing and meeting new people etc they will actually start to think, hey this isn’t so bad.

    No more waiting up in case you come home all beaten up, no more taxi rides etc they will have so much time on their hands. Give it 6 months, you’ll go back to visit and they’ll probably secretly be saying, god, why dont they go back.


    Only time will tell

  2. Michelle Said,

    August 31, 2006 @ 3:45 pm

    I don’t think my parents ever waited up to make sure I hadn’t got beat up… but yeah, I am sure they will enjoy having some time to themselves. I know my parents love having me home for the first couple of weeks, but then they start to get a bit stressed, things are more complicated when I am home, and I need feeding and running around places etc.

    Better than me though, when my parents come and visit me, I am normally missing my freedom after a day or so (although I love them dearly and am missing them by the next week!)

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