Finally! A reason to be on facebook

Well I recently registered on facebook, and while I found I could add friends and maintain a profile they were friends I already had, knew and kept in touch with, posting pieces of information I already had knowledge of onto a profile. My profile is also a direct syndication of my about me page here on this site so it was a bit mundane really.

I could quickly see this becoming boring and not something I wanted to spend much time dealing with when, much to my delight, facebook announced today that they had introduced the ability to add notes to your profile, and one way of doing this is to provide an RSS feed to an external blog.

While the immediate advantage of this is that people like myself don’t have to log into facebook to keep facebook people updated on what I am doing and whats on this site, it may also get me additional readers who weren’t aware I had a website and blog.

These are not however the main reasons for wanting everyone to be on facebook and syndicate their blogs. The real reason is a significant reduction in the requirements on students who have many friends with blogs to use a feed aggregator. You see, facebook also provides a page that lists the latest blog postings from all your friends, and indicates in your friends list who has updated their profile, blog postings being included as a form of update. This is great as before I had RSS feeds for each friend who blogs, and clicked on it to visit the specific posting when it was flagged as having new content. Now I can get all of this on one page – its great!

I knew it would happen eventually – a facebook feature that would get me to use it every day, despite every indication from me that I would register and never return. Still I like to think that rather than prove me wrong, in persuading me to register my friends have actually saved me time, so thanks folks!


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  1. Chris Worfolk Said,

    August 26, 2006 @ 1:37 am

    I was suprised to see you on Facebook although when I found that Facebook Notes had launched it was easy to see why. I guess it was inevitable that they would add a blog feature, not that I’m complaining, I hucked mine up straight away as well.

  2. Personal Website of Kieran O’Shea » What goes around Said,

    March 30, 2007 @ 8:34 am

    […] The one downside of it all is that people using the notes to do some serious blogging are finding their readers have their feed aggregation page polluted by such messages and as such are not reading the good blogs as often as they might, or even not at all as the chain type notes tend to be long and the thin format of the facebook pages mean that a lot of scrolling is required to get past them. This perhaps is something facebook should address, but quite how they would I’m not sure. Maybe they could just display a summary on the feed aggregation page and so reduce the need for scrolling and also making it easier to see the more serious posts on offer. […]

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