Family gathering

Today I went along to a family gathering for Grandpam’s 80th birthday. It was really good to see some members of the family which I hadn’t bumped into in ages and speak to those who I often find it difficult to get in touch with due to being in Leeds. Some people I hadn’t seen in so long and/or had been so young at the time of last meeting them that I had to be reminded who they were. I must say its rather embarasing when that happens, but never mind.

While I was tempted to attribute my tiredness at the end of the day to a reduced amount of sleep last night (I picked Hannah up from a club at gone 3am in the morning) I realised that it was running around in the garden playing football with Jack and Samual (the little cousins as we call them) that caused it – clearly it can be extremely tiring! *Makes mental note to drink more coffee before future gatherings where playing football is required*

As with many events I took a fair few photos of the occasion as well.


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