Back from Jersey

Its been a huge break from blogging for me, but I’m back from the isle of Jersey and in front of the computer again. Not that I’ve been looking forward to this day by any means, in fact my stay in Jersey was very pleasant and I would have liked to stay for longer. There is lots to do and explore and for me this was made many times better because I got to meet lots of Michelle’s friends into the bargain and stay with her family.

Before I launch into “the best bits of the trip” I’ll share my photos. I’ve added a whole gallery of pictures from Jersey, mainly landscapes and similar, but there are a fair few from the Battle of Flowers parade and select few shots of people, I’ve already had one comment about me in the hat and I feel sure I will get many more, lol

Well then, the best bits were many, in fact I enjoyed everything, but while many of the days involved lots of chatting with Michelle’s friends, wandering around areas of town and drinking coffee there were a couple of really cool places I went to and things I did that are worth a little mention.

Michelle colouring in CuriosityFirst off though lets not move away from the subject of coffee. While I’ve had better coffee in various places, no place to drink it can better Curiosity in St. Helier, Jersey. Good music on the hi-fi, service with a smile, comfortable chairs and sofas for all and a nice selection of artistic photographs from around Jersey on the walls make it a really nice place to go. While I don’t think anything would better Barissimo’s in St. Albans Hertfordshire, I think Curiosity is the closest any coffee shop has come. They had coulouring in for the young (at heart) too.

Jersey racing yachtOne of the most enjoyable things I did in St. Helier apart from drinking coffee had to be exploring the Marina(s). I had a good modge around the various boats and took a few photos. Michelle’s Dad kindly gave me the entrance code too so I got to get a really good look at some of the boats I dream of owning as well as prompting some funny looks from various people, but never mind. I walked to the end of the peer and saw the ferry landing, as well as a rather complex marked entrance channel for the various marinas making East coast river entrances look like a Sunday school picnic. Still, its a lovely place to have a boat if only for the number of pubs serving real ale a mere stones throw away from a lot of the small moorings all around the island.

Seymour towerFrom boats then to tides and their sizes. Jersey must have one of the largest tides in the world, or at least it certainly seemed that way what with the huge amounts of beach that get revealed and the “out to sea” walks you can do. I walked out to Elizabeth Castle at low tide with Fran (one of Michelles friends) and then later on in the week walked a good couple of miles out to Seymour tower with various members of Michelle’s family. It was nice to get to talk to so many different people in one walk. I’ve got some great pictures in the gallery of Seymour tower and the walk leading up to it. It really is amazing when you take into account that all ground shown in the photos is covered by the sea at high tide. You can also stay in the tower by renting it out overnight, and the current people staying for the night let me have a look around inside which apparently I was quite lucky to be able to do as Michelle’s parents had never been in the tower, despite visiting it several times. The walk was rounded off with a quality local ale at the pub back by the road.

In a break from walks and similar things we went out drinking a couple of nights, most notable was where we ended up at a club we thought was going to be playing cheesy music, but in fact was some rubbish hyped up radio 1 DJ. Still some of Michelle’s friends or (shock horror) even me may have ended up on Jersey Events, so check that one out if you have time.

Beauport at NightNights out seemed to inevitably result in swimming in the sea in the small hours which was fun, although due to fear of hyperthermia I didn’t venture in myself (chicken according to Michelle and well, she is probably right). One night though we went down to Beauport beach and went swimming in moonlight and saw the phospheressence (sp?) in the sea which was really rather lovely, I even got some fairly reasonable moonlight shots with my camera. If I have to pick a favorite late night in Jersey then that would probably have to be it, it was a thing of films and books really, at least it was to me which made it all the more fun to do.

Battle of FlowersOne of the really cool things Jersey has is the Battle of Flowers. While the day parade is (by all accounts) a little stuffy and up-tight, the moonlight parade is a real carneval type atmosphere with lights, fireworks, laughter and the same flower-decorated floats that get shown in the day but with the added bonus that they are all lit up. It was a really fun night and I got lots of photos too. Its amazing to think that each float is decorated by hand with either real or paper flowers and that it all looks so perfect. My favorites were the Narnia floats and one with the barrels of whisky, really well crafted efforts the both of them.

Cave waterfall at PlemontMy last day in Jersey was one spent packing a few bits up (see restrictions on aircraft after the whole terrorism plot) and enjoying the last day by heading to Plemont to swim in the sea and see the caves there. Apart from my shots of the cave waterfall my attempts at cave photography failed with the flash being insufficient to illuminate the space, but I had better luck body-boarding in the sea and managed to “catch” my first wave in Jersey, sending me a fair distance until I was beached. The “yay” factor was clearly evident. It was great fun and a good way to end the holiday.

To all considering a trip to Jersey, you’ll have a great time, and to the few friends of mine who decided not to come along with me you missed out; Jersey does exist (Chris) and is a lovely place to escape to. I will most certainly be returning at some point in the future. Thanks to Michelle and family for putting up with me for the week 🙂


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  1. Michelle Said,

    August 15, 2006 @ 11:55 am

    Well it was really lovely to have you!

  2. Chris Worfolk Said,

    August 15, 2006 @ 7:45 pm

    Not all of us are millionaires that can take the time off work ;). Besides you two are in it together, I checked Google Earth, it simply isn’t there.

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