Cancelled elective

I recieved an e-mail this afternoon telling me that the 20 credit module in cybercrime at the school of law has been cancelled for next year and I will need to choose a new set of modules to fill up those credits. While the problem is far from insoluble its a big annoyance as it was a module I really wanted to do in favour of other less interesting modules that were on offer to me. I will most likely end up making up the credits with ones from the school of computing, but I need to make sure I do things that will both favour my fields of interest and will be useful in years to come; I don’t want this little set back to be turned into an even bigger one by causing me to struggle with a module I never wanted to take in the first place.

The law department have indicated that the module should be available next year and was only cancelled due to staffing issues this year but unfortunate;y doing electives in the third year isn’t really an option for me because of the way the school of computing works so I guess I will just have to resign myself to the fact I will have to give this one a miss 🙁


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  1. Chris Worfolk Said,

    August 1, 2006 @ 5:18 pm

    Yeah cancelling stuff this late is just a joke.Uni shouldn’t be this slack especially as they know that most students aren’t going to be that on the ball and so they need a big margin to sort stuff.

    If you’re getting too stressed about it, I’ll be happy to pick your electives for you.

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