RouterTech popularity grows

On my monthly stats trawl today I realised the true potential for success with RouterTech. We now get a huge amount of traffic every day, and while many of the hits are from people who arrive, cruise for answers and then leave once they have found what they are looking for it shows we are doing a good job. Hits this month will top 700,000 and this looks set to rise in the near future.

We get several new members every day and our firmware download counter now stands at just under 400 meaning that what started out as almost an experiment to see if we could better a number of commercial firmwares now has a firm base of users. This looks set to increase still further with the forthcoming release of a couple of new firmwares; one upgrade to our exisiting offering and another for a different type of router.

Its a great thing to be a part of and big thanks goes to all those who continue take time to contribute and keep the knowledge fresh, especially the developers that make a better job of firmware improvement than many in the commercial business who are paid to do so. RouterTech couldn’t happen without you.

If readers haven’t already done so please link to RouterTech and recommend it to your friends. We really can squash a huge variety of networking issues and we have a high success rate of solving problems. The more people come and visit us with their issues the more technically minded people we can get on board and make the experience a whole lot better.


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