House Party

Last night Matt’s cousins had a house party so we all went along. I guess you could call it the first house party of the new academic year, even though that theoretically hasn’t yet begun. Still it was a great night with plentiful alcohol, good music (although the playlist for the first half an hour or so was rather questionable) andof course good company. Some people I already knew from the long lazy days in Hyde Park a few months back but it was good to chat to a few of them for a little longer and of course meet some of the folk I didn’t already know.

An aside point but an intersting one none the less is how much I have missed house parties. In York they would be a regular occurance, perhaps one every couple of weeks or so, but deepest darkest Clarence Dock put paid to that for my second semester here in Leeds simply because of the distance involved for the most part. Its certainly a nice feeling that now, back in the thick of students-ville I will be able to go back to my former house party habits, and who knows, perhaps my cheese and wine evenings may soon be making a come-back 🙂


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