Lunch with James

Today saw a break in the battle against sorting stuff out in my new house (which I am glad to say I have now won in its entirity) to go and meet up with James Flinders (ex. Halifax College President) for lunch and some drinks. As it was a warm day and Chris was around in town and wanted to meet up too we decided not to break with tradition and headed to the Quilted Llama where we relaxed in an air conditioned environment and recounted tales of Halifax gone by and commented on Halifax today.

It was interesting to get a thrid party take on some of the college issues and I was pleased to see that Chris was amused at some of the insane things that York students have to deal with such as partial bar closures and the like. I do feel at times James and myself bored Chris slightly with chat about a realm he has not even had the pleasure of visiting, but still, I think it made a good afternoon.

We also ended up discussing quite an important issue for students who have friends accross the academic year groups; how to best keep in touch with them once they graduate and you remain in uni (or vice versa). We both agreed that uni life was often strange without the people who have been with you throughout your time there, and I relised that its going to happen to me twice, once most recently with York, and again later on in Leeds. I just hope I have the will power to keep in touch and that friends whom I end up seeing less often are receptive to my efforts. After all, the odd relaxing lunch with more distant uni friends, as today showed, is always a great way to spend and otherwise uneventful afternoon đŸ™‚


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