Four nights out

Its amazing what effect arriving back in Leeds has on my going out habits. It was only this morning that I realised I had actually been out for the last 4 nights in a row.

Wednesday saw myself and Chris meeting up for a drink in the Llama in Claire’s absense due to work tiredness, and although the Llama shut early we ended up in the Library and it was a good night.

Thursday we went to Claire’s house and had some great chat and discussion over some reasonable wine and if Claire hadn’t had work early the next morning we probably would have continued for most of the night.

Friday I met up with Dave Falcus and we headed into town to get a good taste of some real ale in some of Leeds’ less well known real ale pubs. We started off at the palace, but then went to Whitlocks, which for those who don’t know is a narrow but long pub serving a wide range of real ales, situated alongside the Marks and Spencers on Briggate, accessable only by a small allyway. Its well worth paying them a vist and is a pleasent place to spend a warm summers evening.

Last but not least, last night saw myself and a number of others at the Fenton for a few beers and a wide range of topical discussion.

I must say that spontanious nights out that sees me going out so much without the intention of doing so is one of the things I really like about being a student in Leeds. There is always something to do and be it with friends or alone, there is always something to escape from the house to of an evening. Today I’m going for Sunday lunch with Claire and Tony, so while its not really a 5th night in a row for going out, its certainly a 5th day of good company and good laughs. Let the good times roll 🙂


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  1. Niall Said,

    July 23, 2006 @ 9:35 am

    don’t forget the Victoria, next to O’Neill’s, they have a sensible amount of Real Ale too.

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