Teething troubles

Its always the same when you move to any new place that there are a few niggles that while in the grand scheme of things can and probably will be lived with, really get on your nerves.

First and foremost, the shower. It’s a nice, hot, electric shower, what more could you ask….. except, the pressure is awful. I don’t know if its because I have been used to getting a good blasting to skin tingling levels or what, but I do know that the trickle I got this morning was not what I am used to. I now have to work out if I am either inept with the controls or that it really is just like that and I will have to live with it. I may well be taking baths a lot more regularly as opposed to showers; after all on this mornings time scale a bath may well be just as quick and yet somehow they always seem nicer.

Secondly, washing. We have a great little washer/dryer with a load of programs and what-not which I feel sure could wash every type of clothes under the sun. The problem is the drying phase simple doesn’t seem to dry. It leaves clothes in a warm, clingy state as if they had just been washed at 60 and then spun at top whack for 30 minutes with no room to breathe. While one can, given time, hang clothes out to dry, on a day like yesterday I have neither the time nor the space to do this. My clothes are still wet and I’m going down south tonight, and there is hardly the space to hang them up because of the number of half-empty boxes still lying around. With a spacious basement I am seriously considering investing in a proper dryer to go down there; I have visions of waking up one morning for lectures only to find I have no dry clothes and 30 minutes to do something about it.

Finally (and this is my own doing it really is), I simply have too much stuff for the space available. I really do wonder how I ever got it all in anywhere let alone halls where I have just come from. I think the issue in this place has something to do with under bed storage, it being distintly non-existant due to the design of the bed. Trouble is its very comfortable and so I wouldn’t want to not have it, its just a pain.

Anyhows, now I’ve got all that off my chest I guess I just have to make the best of it. As they say, onwards and upwards.


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