Coffee with Niall

After literally years of knowing Niall Fleming over the internet, initially meeting in the early days of ADSLTech, I finally got to meet him face to face today. Its often something that is thought of as odd, meeting people in person who you have met over the internet, but with Niall this just wasn’t the case. We got on really well, and on balance talked surprisingly little about the project we are both involved in, RouterTech, with most conversation orientated around uni and general course bits.

Niall brought Victoria (his girlfriend) along as well so I got to chat with her too. We all had a relaxing coffee in Starbucks and a wander around leeds, dropping past the corn exchange which surprisingly I had never been inside before – despite being simply a shopping centre, its an amazing building in terms of structure. We ended up in the Leeds computing students’ favorite haunt, the quilted llama, and had a drink in there whilst trying (but failing) not to bore Victoria with chatter about various technical things. I guess it was inevitable 😉

We talked about possibly getting some of the other members of the RouterTech team together for a meetup and as we quickly realised, it would be a really nice idea. I’m not sure how, when or where, or even who on the team would want to, but with all the work we do together it would be great to be able to finally enjoy the virtual pints we have all bought each other over the years for real.

Niall if you are reading this, it was great meeting you mate 🙂


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  1. Niall Said,

    July 6, 2006 @ 10:47 pm

    Cheers mate, it’s always good to finally put a tangible face to the virtual one, I think we’re both pretty much the same as our online personae, so it wasn’t all that weird to translate text to real life, I shall blog about it tomorrow I expect!

    You’ve re-inspired my blogging habit. There was a time when I’d write something every day, I just got out of the habit and realised I actually didn’t make the time to do it.

    See you again soon, I expect, I’ll have to take you to the Fighting Cock pub sometime.

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