Websites and drinks

Not a combination that one would expect to work particularly well, but last night it was a great mix. I went over to Claire’s place to speak with her about a website to showcase her artwork and when I had gone over the requirements and made a few sketches a few other people came over and we set about drinking a fair quantity of wine and enjoying a variety of nibbles and snacks.

It was nice to get together with a few people because it has got rather quiet lately, and I love a good discussion. I have been very privillaged to meet people during my time at Leeds so far who enjoy sitting around drinking and chatting as much as going out on the town. While there is nothing wrong with going out a lot, its nice to know that like me, there are others who see the benefits of a good night in. Getting hopelessly drunk and discussing each others escapades of weeks gone by is, after all, always entertaining, especially when you can’t remember what you did yourself 😉

On the subject of meeting people generally, I have been forced to revise my negative opinion of Clarence Dock with respect to social life. It would appear that it was only my flat/block that was devoid of large amounts of social interaction as the flat I am in now, albeit for a mere week while I wait to be able to move into my house, is a great social centre. People actually speak to each other more than just the odd hi, and despite the fact I’ve only been here a few days we all talk loads and get along well, its great. Kitchens are not just for cooking in, but sitting in with your food and conversing with others. This is a concept while not alien to me seemed to be so for my other flatmates. All the luck of the draw I guess. As a note to all students yet to go into halls who read this; make sure your flat/house is the sociable one, not the ghetto of human interaction. It makes your life so much more fun to be in a lively place 🙂


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