Moving on up

While early morning yesterday saw the release of exam results, immediately aftwards came the task of moving flats. Packing was one of those moments that brought out a huge amount of nostalgia. Stuff from the past year and way before surfacing out of various boxes, so much to muse over. The day before I moved out was mostly spent playing Alexander O’Neal on the hi-fi and leafing though all my bits and bobs from York days. I came accross this hillarious photo of myself at Ikon & Diva pissed with Alannah and other folk from the committee. A copy of which is on Halifax Online. Great stuff 🙂

Packing took somewhat longer than I expected, even with the nostalgia, I simply have far too much stuff after 3 years of student life and really need to clear some of it out at somepoint. Suffice it to say that by 10:30am I was just about packed. I got the key to my temporary room that I’m using till next month when I can move into my house and started moving it all accross. Huge thanks to Matt for the help, couldn’t have done it without him. It took hours, but by 4pm we had moved most stuff to my room and put the rest in Matt’s storage unit. Then of course it was time to hit the Llama for some well deserved refreshment.

The evening didn’t of course stop at the Llama, and we ended up going to a curry house just down the road called 7 spices, which is actually really nice and a great place to go if you are with a group of friends. I will definitely be going back there! Afterwards we headed back to Claire’s house and had a chat for a fair while and polished off a bottole of wine and had a few shots of cassis which is always good.

Slowly but surely though people are leaving Leeds. While there are more people staying in Leeds than ever stayed at York over the holidays, it is thinning out which is sad. Earlier on in the week saw Michelle leave, Chris has gone home (although only to his home on the other side of Leeds), Sarann is going home today and a fair few others have also left. A core group of people do remain, but it remains to be seen where I will feel the social pull the most. I had hoped it would be Leeds because the vibrant music scene is something I from back in St. Albans may prove to be too much of a temptation to resist.


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