Film nights

For the last couple of nights I’ve been at Sarann’s house to watch films with people. Two nights ago we actually did half-heatedly watch some movies but ended up just drinking a lot and chatting all night long. I ended up getting to bed at 6am and waking up at 2 in the afternoon. A waste of a day if ever I’ve seen one, but it was a good night. Discussions and debates are always good though, and we got onto some quite deep stuff. It was really interesting to delve into peoples pasts and get their true take on things, it really makes you feel like you know them a whole lot better.

The night in general was so good in fact that we decided to do it again last night. We spent a while chatting about various bits and decided we didn’t have enough drinks so we headed to jacksons with enough small change to sink a fairly large ship and bought some vodka, mixers and wine. The look the guy on the till gave Sarann when she pulled out a pound all in 1p/2p coins was the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. It was also one of the longest transactions I have seen in a jacksons store 😉

We almost didn’t bother with films, although we did eventually put Madagascar on and while the first half was pretty funny I don’t know what happened in the second half because I got talking to Claire about arty things and design and such, which was really cool – the web meets conventional art and design – a field I really need to pay more attention to I think. I tend to come at design from a much more functional point of view; visualising the layout before any imagary, but I liked Claires response to being asked to design a website – she made a poster. This might sound crazy, but actually it was the best idea I’d had in ages. Websites that look like posters really catch the eye. The whole concept of a big bold title, colour gradients and vibrant images, all overlaid with information in an easy to read format is not only a poster, but exactly what most people expect to see on a web page. Certainly food for thought anyway.

Rather than further wreck my sleep pattern by staying up all night, we stayed at Sarann’s (saved me the long walk home) but hit the sack pretty early. I was awake by 7am though. Michelle left to go back to Jersey for the summer shortly after we woke up, which was sad, although she has invited a group of us to come and stay at somepoint over the summer which I will most certainly be taking her up on as I’ve never been to Jersey.

No prizes for guessing where we have decided to grab lunch later on today though, lol (Yes, you’ve guessed it, the Quilted Llama :D)


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