Capri BackstageIt’s not often I go to a plain funk night, I’m a jazz funk person really, usually prefering a bit more of the jazz and a little less of the funk, something to add an edge to the jazz if you like. But, I spotted that Capri were playing at the wardrobe and liking the description of their act and the amount of realism provided by such a large band (11 piece), I decided to go along. I tried to get a few others to come along too but it would appear the funk hadn’t got them as much as it had got me, so I went alone. This is actually a surprisingly good way to enjoy a gig; more time to listen and really feel the music than if you are just sat chatting.

I arrived about 30 minutes after the doors opened. This turned out to be a mistake for me and a boon for the bar. After I had been there an hour the band hadn’t started, although there were a fair few people there, and I’d got through 3 G&T’s at £2.80 a time. It was cool though because I met this girl who had also come practically on her own (with just a couple of friends instead of originally planned larger numbers because people had cried off). Jessica was obviously a bit Capri fan and was quite impressed I’d come down to see them play live on my own. Still we got chatting and she came up with this phrase that really sums how I feel about music and making sure I see it, hear it and make the most of it “Well you can’t enjoy it when you’re dead can you?” And how very right she is. If you’re thinking of missing something, just think about that phrase, I guarantee it will make you change your mind.

On to the music then. The band came on stage at about midnight. Most people were really in the mood by then as the DJ had been spinning some funky vinyl for a good hour. We all moved right up to the stage and as it turns out it was the best time to have done so as within 5 minutes the dancefloor was packed. This was funk like I’d never heard it before, really powerful, vibrant and deep. There was something about the live performance that made you just want to start moving and grooving. Everyone seemed to feel it and we started to get lost in it all.

First up were a few what I’d term straight up funky grooves, few subtlties, just something to get the party started. The album from which a fair few of the tracks came was pretty diverse, and is well worth a look. Its called Boogie Man and is available from the Capri website – see the link at the end.

Once people were really into it the band started to experiment. We heard a lot more from the brass section, and some very interesting backing Rhythms. Vocals were typical funk style but allowed plenty of room for the instruments to get a look in which I really liked. The guitarist was particularly good, and while I’m sure the sound was tempered by special effects you could almost taste the funk style in his playing. Riffs that seemed to continue to echo in your mind well into the next few. Really awesome stuff. Normally the precussion gets overlooked in any given set, but the drummer was truely amazing with Capri. I’ve never seen a 5 minute drum solo that sounded so great and kept my attention so well as this one, along with a superb bass guitar line every so often, this was almost the highlight of the night. The drummer certainly got the biggest cheer at the encore. This was simply a superb night and one that saw me get more dancing in than I’ve had since seeing Incognito.

All in all I highly recommend Capri as a great band to go and see for a night out of fun and frolics, even if funk isn’t your first love in the music scene! Find out all about capri on their website.


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    […] On Monday night a group of us are going the be seeing Capri play live at a students union funk night which should be really good fun. If you want to join us, get in touch […]

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