Exam results next week

A week today I get my exam results for the second semester I read on the school of computing newsgroup today, and while its great to know when I will be getting to know the outcome of my hard work, it suddenly dawned on me that it spells the end of a whole academic year at Leeds uni. It’s amazing to think that in September I had never been to the city of Leeds in my life, and yet now its the place I call home and will continue to do so not only for the next two academic years but most likely during the holidays too. I’m trying not to make this posting too much of a reflection on the academic year, but it really has been great and is enjoyable to think over.

I’ve reaquainted myself with student halls, and while I’m still sure I prefer houses it was nice to give it another go in a different setting. I’ve learnt a huge amount of stuff; much more than I thought I ever could in fact, and still love code just as much as I always used to, if not more. I’ve also found a will to study and read that I always knew I had, but could never quite harness, mostly due to lack of interest in previous fields of study I feel, but still its great to be able to do it. I’m still writing scripts and websites, despite my busy year I’ve launched a number of sites and have a fully booked summer of design and development ahead of me. I’ve taken in some superb music, thousands of times better music than ever hit York, and I’ve become even more aquainted with the awesome sound of the world of live jazz, culminating of course with a trip to the North Sea Jazz festival in a few weeks time. On top of all of that, or the icing on the cake as it were, I’ve met a load of fantastic people that really make being in Leeds and doing all the work worthwhile 🙂


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