Keep it smooth

Theres no better way to keep a cool head while working than a little bit of smooth jazz. The problem with many online smooth jazz stations though is that there are lots of ads many of which are not related to the music and are quite loud and brash breaking the flow of the music and indeed your feeling of calm.

In my search for some smooth jazz today while working on some C I came accross an online station with great smooth jazz but with ads only centred around the same genre. No shouting, bells, whistles or other such rubbish, just simple music orientated ads for the very music you’ve tuned in to listen to. The ads are almost indistinguishable, its the best kind of radio advertising I’ve found to date, and although there is a fair bit of it, its certainly bearable compared with the kind live365 and others use. The music is really good too. If you’re programming or doing some other kind of occasionally stressful work, I’d recommend checking this station out, its called 🙂


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