No job at Accenture

After months of being unsure if there was an employment oppertunity at Accenture (Leeds) for a summer placement, I have been informed with certainty today that there will not be. This is a shame as I have waited for a while to hear about it all, and it would have been a great place to get some hands on business IT experience and work in a proper business environment. Still, it would appear that the problem of not being able to take on new staff is not unique to Accenture; several other places I have been looking at are giving out the same signals – “we’d employ you if we could”.

So in terms of employment, in the strictest sense of the word anyway, it looks like I will not have any this summer. While on the one hand this is a disappointment, it means I will be able to devote a lot of time to some of my projects which are in dire need of some further devlopment and some TLC in general, that and they are fun and look good on the CV. I will also be able to execute my plans for business expansion with a great degree of precision, and hopefully land some good clients in the process.


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