Back in Leeds, sunburnt & ready to code

I’m back from a great couple of days on board our boat. The weather was really hot and sunny and we had good winds to push us along at a very enjoyable pace causing spray to catch us unawares and hit some good speeds (for our boat at least). The only real negative result of this great trip was sunburn. I now look a tad red in quite a few places, namely my ams and back of my neck. If how I look now is what can happen with factor 40 suncream, I hate to think what would have happened with none at all. You can see the photos of the trip here 🙂

Kieran on Burnaby Beatiful sunset taken from Burnaby

When I arrived home I crashed out for about 12 hours solid and then woke up in late morning to fix the family computer and have a BBQ lunch which is always nice. I hadn’t had a BBQ in ages, and the long sleep was also particularly welcome. While I don’t sleep badly in Leeds, far from it, the quantity of sleep has been lacking in recent weeks due to work. A couple of BBQ pictures are here

I checked the weather for the next week or so and it looks set to be good so hopefully I will be enjoying some lounging in the sun even if it is with books / laptop. Speaking of which, my C/C++ course starts later today so I’m looking forward to get back into the rhythm of code writing again. I’m a developer at heart and just can’t get enough of code. I even delved into a C++ book while moored up on the boat!


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