On the train

I’m currently blogging from a GNER train heading south towards London. It’s great stuff it really is. Its fast, hasn’t dropped out once and allows me to catch up on all the bits and pieces I haven’t had a chance to do all day because of being in the pub 😉

My reason for being on the train though is that I’m going home for a few days, and into that I’m building in a short excursion on our boat. We’re setting sail on Friday afternoon, spending the night at an as yet undecided anchorage and then coming back on Saturday afternoon. A short trip, but something I have been looking forward to in the midst of my exams and other course orientated study.

I don’t have much of a break though because I have a load of web based and business stuff that I now need to attend to as I haven’t been doing so during my exams, and also my 2 week C/C++ programming course is starting on Monday, so I need to get myself a text for that and make sure I’m sober on Monday morning!


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