Hope for sailing

I was greeted with sunshine when I walked onto campus this morning, so this could well mean a glimmer of hope for getting a sail in this weekend, but I guess time will tell – its a little too soon to get any kind of concrete forecast. I’m certainlygetting excited at the prospect of not having any more exams though it must be said.

I say all of this while sitting in the Roger Stevens cafe with coffee and such basically waiting for my exam this afternoon at 1pm. Normally I’m grateful for haing a sleep pattern that permits me to get up early and make the most of the day, but when you went to bed at 3am, this does tend to cause some problems.

In addition to a possible sailing trip I have a fair few things planned for the next few days. After the exam we’re going to hit the terrace bar for a few beers and then I’m off to the wardrobe later this evening for a spot of quality jazz, group called organ doner (lots of organ, no surpirises there, lol) apparantly drawing on infuences from Jimmy Smith, an artist I rather like. Thursday afternoon should see an Otley run (fairly large bar crawl for those not in the know) and then its home for a few days and hopfully to sail. Speaking of going home, I really should book my train ticket……


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