License reform needed

In an article on the bbc today a leading professor of law has spoken out about how old fashioned copyright laws are ruining the average persons chances of being able to creatively modify and make use of coprrighted works in order to create useful derivative works for personal and non-commercial use, in his words “turning kids into pirates”.

All I can say is its about time someone spoke out about this issue. Not only are these laws out-dated, but they are broken every day, and for those who try to comply the costs are usually prohibitive to the extent where superb derivative work is bombarded out of existance. To cite a real-world example, a film created using clips and other material from a variety of sources cost a little over £100 to make, but cost over £250,000 in the end due to copyright laws. Is this fair on those who have a creative imagination and great tallent? In this case the film won high acclaim at Cannes in 2004.

Its time that these laws were reformed. We no longer live in a world where creative work is done by the select few. We all have access to resources and tools to create, and all you need is imagination. It surely isn’t fair to price people out of existance purely for having an imagination and a little spare time – we deserve more than that.


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