TIM development continues

I have been looking at the number of bugs submitted for TIM and there is plenty to be cracking on with, so once again thanks to all who have been testing and enjoying using the application. I was speaking with Niall on MSN last night and there was a hint of interest in assistance with the development of TIM so we may well have more people on the team soon, and so be able to make it a lot better.

I have allocated some time to more TIM development and bug fixing in a week or so’s time (when it won’t ruin my ability to code in Java), and will try to get a second alpha release out a few days after. Beta shouldn’t be far after that, assuming of course I don’t decide to make the application more feature right and thus plunge it firmly back into dev status. I hope to at least get a release candidate version out for those who want a bug free version of what they have already before adding more features though.

Watch this space 🙂


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