Another one down

Blitzed through another exam today, felt it went pretty well, so hopefully I won’t be disappointed. I’ve now got two Java orientated exams left and maths. It feels like I’ve been revising and taking exams forever, but its not long now and then I can get on with other programming and not worrying about course bits.

Grabbed a drink the the union bar after the exam with a group of computing folk, after all, who can say no to a drink after an exam? If you’ve done well its celebration, if you’ve not its drowning your sorrows, either way, drinks win. Not wanting to be away from e-mail for too long we headed off to the computer lab after and ended up doing very little (as expected), but I got into a lengthy but interesting discussion on pretty much everything with Michelle, so that was cool. There was also the fun of printing off lecture slides for tomorrows open notes exam. While printing notes isn’t usually fun, getting 500 odd sheets from the printer because people kept forgetting to set multiple slides per page (that and some machines just wouldn’t do it even if you set them to) did enhance the amusement factor somewhat 😉


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