New Scientist Jobs

Got my copy of New Scientist in the post today, and was interested to see a comprehensive pull-out on applying for jobs for people doing sciency type degrees (Physics, Chemistry, Computing etc. etc.) Its got some good advice on tweaking your CV, covering letters and other such handy bits. Theres also some intersting ideas for what to ask of your university careers service; I always wondered if they could be asked for any info that was actually helpful, and now I know.

Amazingly they actually suggest quite a few things that I had already begun to set in motion; things like applying for multiple positions at once, circulating your CV, keeping it updated even if you don’t need/intend to submit it anywhere, and keep a copy on your personal website – I knew that empty CV page would have a use one day!

Its also got some rather interesting stats as to where people who study science type degrees end up. Happily for me there seems to be plenty of opertunities to get into IT, but the number of people who head into finance type things really astounded me – its well over 20%. Still I guess that means that one day banks will open longer if we’ve got all those graduates going into the business 😉

Good luck to all currently in the process of taking finals and applying for positions and congratualtions to those who have landed jobs already.


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