Worrying step in Leeds lecturer strike

It would seem that the punches on both sides of the table are getting bigger and that the talking is getting less, all of course at the expense of students who risk not getting exam marks, or worse not graduating. A recent BBC news article details how the university have decided to cut the pay of lecturers who continue to refuse to mark work by 30%. What this means for all involved at this stage is unclear, but it does mean that the trouble is set to continue.

It almost certainly spells more hot air from both sides and a greater worry amongst students. The university wants to be seen as taking action, but considering the unionised nature of the dispute, I fail to see how this kind of action is going to help in any way at all. The whole point of the strike is low pay, and yet here the univeristy are cutting pay rather than attempting to remedy the situation. Surely a cleaverer method would have been to try and settle the dispute as an institution, not get bad press and make it worse as an institution.

Oh well, I just hope I can still take my exam tomorrow and indeed the ones I have for the next couple of weeks. Neither lecturers or the VC would want to come face to face with me if it transpired I couldn’t take them thats for sure. Sort it out guys – your students are losing patience.


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