What a load of rubbish

I was walking along the tow path of the Leeds canal today on my way to uni and I saw a rather worrying sight and took a photo of it (below). In case its a little too blury for you to see (I took the photo on my phone), its a load of rubbish piled up in front of the wier unable to go down the canal, because of the buoys. Whats worrying about it is its not just wood or something like that, but its all sorts of horrible rubbish you really don’t want in the water; bottles, cans, bags, chemical containers, gunge etc. etc. – rather nasty. What I want to know is what the hell do the people who let it get into the canel think they are doing? They’ve caused enough canal polution for a whole year and created a clean-up job that will probably take a few days and most definitely require a boat. I just feel sorry for the people living right next to it all (note flats in the background) and of course the birds that are often seen in the water. People just have no sense of responsibility these days thats all I can say.

Load of Rubbish


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