4:30 Fire Alarm

Why oh why does this have to happen? I get an early night and then some cretin sets the fire alarm off at 4:30am causing me to have to fully wake up and go outside for 30 minutes, then not be able to get back to sleep for a further hour, and then oversleep due to that lot throwing off my work schedule completely. I think some students need their heads testing around Clarence Dock *sigh*

On the plus side the library is open late tonight and I got loads done yesterday, so work shouldn’t suffer too much.


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  1. Neo Said,

    May 7, 2006 @ 10:17 pm

    I did warn you 😉

    I suppose the alternative of having a real fire disaster is far worse, but why can’t people cook food without burning something directly under the sensor / keep the windows open / smoke somewhere else?

    I have memories of all us students standing outside our block on campus in our pyjamas, in the rain, while the fire engine pulls up (because our] alarm system was connected to the fire station). This really got on the firemen’s nerves after a while…

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